Conditions on the use and supply of GEMPACK software

All GEMPACK software is copyrighted by GEMPACK Software (and/or the Impact Project and/or KPSOFT). In the conditions below, "Licensee" refers to the organisation or person to whom the software is supplied.

  1. The software may be used only within the organisation (or by the person) to whom the software is supplied, and may not be copied for use by other organisations or persons.
  2. Acknowledgement of GEMPACK must be made when results that have been obtained with GEMPACK are reported. Please cite the manual: Horridge, Jerie, Mustakinov & Schiffmann (2018), GEMPACK manual, GEMPACK Software, ISBN 978-1-921654-34-3
  3. Licensees are free to make changes to the code but at no time shall such modified code become the property of the Licensee.
  4. The software, data and documentation are provided at the Licensee's request on an "as is" basis. GEMPACK Software makes no warranties, express or implied, that the programs, data and documentation are free of error, or are consistent with any particular standard of merchantability, or that they will meet the Licensee's requirements for any particular application. Where only executable images of the GEMPACK programs are supplied, this "as is" provision may include fixed limits on the dimensions of models that can be handled by the software.
  5. Licensees are responsible for the installation of the software, its use and for results obtained from it. GEMPACK Software disclaims all liability for direct, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the Licensee's use of the programs, data or documentation.
  6. All purchasers are entitled to software support, updates and bug fixes for 6 months after purchase date. Support after 6 months is available to licensees who pay the relevant annual fee.
  7. A single-user license entitles the licencee to install and use the software on an unlimited number of computers provided that he or she is the only individual using the software and only one copy of the software is in use at any one time.
  8. A site license entitles the licensee organization to unlimited use by any number of employees or members of that organization at the main premises of the organization, or on short work trips. Geographically separated departments of large organizations must obtain separate licences. Small teams who work together from different locations may share a site licence only by special arrangement.
  9. A time-limited license allows use of the software only during the time period specified within the licence file issued to the licensee.
  10. Certain GEMPACK components may be distributed or shared, or made available via a Web interface or publicly accessible network, as described here. However, licensees must not distribute or allow remote access to their GEMPACK licence, or to either of the TABLO or GEMSIM programs.
  11. The GEMPACK installation may contain 3rd party components or DLL libraries which may only be redistributed in compliance with the conditions imposed by the creators of those components or libraries. Distributed 3rd party components and DLL libraries must not be disassembled or reverse engineered.

By copying, installing, or otherwise using the software, you agree to be bound by the terms above. If you do not agree to those terms, do not copy, install, or use the software.

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