Fixes for the TABLO "NOT" Bug

The Problem

In some circumstances, TABLO did not handle "NOT" operator in conditions correctly. In such cases, TABLO crashed with a fatal error. As far as we are aware, this bug did not allow incorrect results to be produced.

This bug will show if you process any of the TABLO Input files produced by the program MGE2GP.

Bug Fixed in Release 8.0-005 (June 2004)

This bug was fixed in Release 8.0-005 (June 2004). You do not need the bug fix below if you have Release 8.0-005 (June 2004) or later of GEMPACK.

Bug Fix for Earlier Release 8.0 Versions of Source-code GEMPACK

The following fix is recommended for all Source-Code versions of Release 8 prior to Release 8.0-005 (June 2004).

This fix can also be applied to any Release 7.0 version of Source-code GEMPACK.

To install this fix on a Windows PC, proceed as follows.

1. Download the file NOTFIX80.ZIP (25K) and put it into the TABLO subdirectory of the directory in which your GEMPACK is installed (usually, C:\GP\TABLO).

2. Go to a DOS box and change into this TABLO subdirectory.

3. Issue the following commands.
del tbrw*.for
del tbcd*.for
unzip32 -o
zip gen2 tbrw*.for
zip code2 tbcd*.for
cd ..

This will make a new version of TABLO.EXE.

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