Two-day Advanced GEMPACK Course

Instructor: Dr Michael Jerie
assisted by Professor Mark Horridge
12-13 September 2016, Warsaw, Poland

This course will be presented just after, and in the same location as, the Regional CGE course.

This two-day GEMPACK training course presents several practical exercises aimed at the experienced user, with a focus on topics that go beyond running simulations and analysis of results. Basic GEMPACK skills are assumed. Participants are to bring their own laptops. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Preliminary Program

The course will be delivered as a sequence of exercises through which participants work under the guidance of the tutors. Each exercise focuses on a particular topic aimed at extending and improving your productivity as a GEMPACK user.

Topics may include:

but the list above may be changed or extended.

Presenter: Michael Jerie

Michael Jerie Dr Jerie earned BSc and PhD degrees in maths from La Trobe University. Since 2006 he has worked in the team developing GEMPACK software. His specialties include Fortran programming and creating the install packages used to distribute GEMPACK. He also handles most of the GEMPACK support queries. He has devised and will present the 2-day Advanced GEMPACK Course which follows the TERM regional CGE course.

Course Fees and Registration

The cost is €EUR 960. More details are listed here, together with details for the preceding Regional CGE course.