Former Staff and Students

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Tony Pezzi Tony Pezzi

Nick Sheard Nick Sheard

George Verikios George Verikios

CoPS 2014 Xmas Party CoPS 2014 Xmas Party

Ken Pearson Ken Pearson       Profile and Tributes

CoPS 2013 Xmas Party CoPS 2013 Xmas Party

Party for leaving Monash 1 Party for leaving Monash 1

Party for leaving Monash 2 Party for leaving Monash 2

Work party at bowling alley 2003 Work party at bowling alley 2003

Four Impact Directors Four Impact Directors

Frances Peckham Frances Peckham

Judith Willis Judith Willis

Kaludura Abayasiri-Silva (Abay) Kaludura Abayasiri-Silva (Abay)

Thiep Van Ho Thiep Van Ho

Yin Hua Mai Yin Hua Mai

Kevin Hanslow Kevin Hanslow

Felicity Pang Felicity Pang

Harley Birt Harley Birt

Marnie Griffith Marnie Griffith

Peter Mavromatis Peter Mavromatis

Mark Picton Mark Picton

Robbie Elsaadi Robbie Elsaadi

Carlos Corredor Ezquerro Carlos Corredor Ezquerro

Ashley Winston Ashley Winston

Elvine Sullivan Elvine Sullivan

Colin Thompson Colin Thompson His new job

Jill Harrison Jill Harrison CV

Daina McDonald Daina McDonald [CV]

The Gang The Gang
John Whiteman John Whiteman
Geoff Transom Geoffrey Transom
Peter Marshall Peter Marshall
Matthew Peter Matthew Peter
Michael Malakellis Michael Malakellis
Jay Menon Jay Menon
Jane Fry Jane Fry
Sam Otim Sam Otim
Somsachee Siksamat (Am) Somsachee Siksamat (Am)
Rob Waschik Rob Waschik
George Verikios George Verikios
Brian Parmenter Brian Parmenter
Rob McDougall Rob McDougall
Nisha Agrawal Nisha Agrawal [Recent work]
Terrie Walmsley Terrie Walmsley
Sharn Enzinger Sharn Enzinger
Farzana Farzana
Marion Marion
Dr Das cuts the cake Dr Das cuts the cake
Participants 2000 GTAP Conference in MelbourneParticipants 2000 GTAP Conference in Melbourne

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