8 million U.S. jobs supported by trade and investment with Canada

Canada is the biggest market for U.S. exports and the second biggest source of U.S. imports, behind China. It is also a significant foreign supplier of direct investment to the U.S.

In a recent study for the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC, CoPS researchers quantified the role of Canada in supporting jobs in the U.S. through trade and investment.

To calculate the dependence of U.S. employment on trade with Canada, they used an economic model to look at how employment in the U.S. would be affected by a cessation of Canada/U.S. trade. In this way they found that Canada/U.S. trade:

To calculate the dependence of U.S. employment on Canadian direct investment the CoPS team used statistics from the Bureau of Economic Analysis on U.S. employment in Canadian-majority-owned affiliates operating in the U.S. They found that Canadian direct investment:

The study is available here. A later similar study is available here.