CoPS/IMPACT Working Paper Number C14-01

Title: RunMONASH: Automating A Dynamic, Recursive CGE Model

Authors: Jill Harrison and Glyn Wittwer


RunMONASH, a software program, written by Ken Pearson, is used to solve the CGE model, MONASH. RunMONASH produces a base case forecast for a set of years in sequence. In response to some additional policy shocks, RunMONASH calculates a policy deviation from this base case, again for the same sequence of years.

This paper outlines the reasons for writing RunMONASH and the basic ideas of the solution method. It gives an overview of the dynamic CGE models for which RunMONASH can be used.

A brief introduction to the Screen interface is included. However, the main documentation of RunMONASH is the Online Help file that accompanies the software.

JEL classification: C68, C61

KEYWORDS: dynamic CGE model, GEMPACK software.

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