CoPS/IMPACT Working Paper Number G-201

Title: CHINAGEM: A Monash-Styled Dynamic CGE Model of China

Authors: Yinhua Mai, Peter B. Dixon and Maureen Rimmer


CHINAGEM is a MONASH-style dynamic Computable General Equilibrium model of China. This document provides an overview of CHINAGEM database and equation structure. We aim to provide CHINAGEM users with a practical guide. This document has five sections. Section 1 is the introduction. In Section 2 we provide a description of the equation system and the database. In Section 3, we introduce how to incorporate observed data to develop the historical part of the baseline. In Section 4, we introduce how to use information derived from the historical simulation to develop the forecast part of the baseline. In Section 4, we also demonstrate how to use CHINAGEM to analyse the effects of a policy change. In the concluding section, we discuss our plan for further development of CHINAGEM.

JEL classification: C68, O53.

Keywords: CGE, China, historical simulation.

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