CoPS/IMPACT Working Paper Number G-285

Title: SinoTERM365, Bottom-up Representation of China at the Prefectural Level

Authors: Glyn Wittwer and Mark Horridge


The TERM methodology requires relatively modest data requirements to create a multi-regional, sub-national CGE database. SinoTERM365 is an extreme form of stretching available data, with the master database representing 162 sectors in 365 prefectural regions of the Chinese economy. A collaborative effort is envisaged among users to enable ongoing improvements to the database. The TERM approach facilitates rapid amendments to the database when improved data are available. The alternative, to wait until better data emerge before building a model, may result in less detail and a less versatile framework for analysis. In our example, we consider a downturn in use of coal and coal-generated electricity in China.

JEL classification: C68; D58; R13; R15

Keywords: sub-national general equilibrium modeling; regional structural change; greenhouse gas abatement.

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