CoPS/IMPACT Working Paper Number G-286

Title: The Economic Effects on Regional Australia of RUN-member Universities

Authors: Robert Waschik, Jonathan Chew, John Madden, Joshua Sidgwick and Glyn Wittwer


The study analyses the impacts of selected regional universities on regional economies within Australia using a multi-regional CGE model, VU-TERM. Universities enhance a community's knowledge base through teaching and research, raising productivity within the region. To depict the regional economic contribution of universities, we simulate a hypothetical removal of regional campuses. We estimate demand-side shocks using expenditure patterns of university enrolees. Supply-side impacts use inputs from econometric studies estimating rates-of-return to levels of educational attainment. Armidale's local economy is hit hardest by a hypothetical removal of its university. Other regions suffering substantial losses include Ballarat, Toowoomba and Rockhampton.

JEL classification: C68, O18

Keywords: CGE Modelling, Regional Universities, Economic Contribution

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