CoPS/IMPACT Working Paper Number IP-27

Title: Automating the Computation of Solutions of Large Economic Models

Author: K.R. Pearson


The computer implementation of any large economic model is usually a very expensive and time consuming task. This paper describes a software package, called GEMPACK, which is being developed specifically to reduce dramatically the research time, effort and cost required to set up one solution method (the Johansen method) on a computer. Existing features of GEMPACK are described in detail, as are developments planned for the near future. The software is model-independent, in that it works for a wide class of economic models, irrespective of the form of the equations or underlying theory. GEMPACK is portable to most mini and main-frame computers, because it has been written in ANSI standard FORTRAN 77, with such portability as a primary requirement.

JEL classification: C68, D58, C88.

Keywords: Computable general equilibrium, applied economic modelling, software

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