CoPS/IMPACT Working Paper Number OP-94

Title: MMRF-GREEN: A Dynamic, Multi-Sectoral, Multi-Regional Model of Australia

Authors: Philip D. Adams, J. Mark Horridge and Brian R. Parmenter


This paper presents an overview of the Monash Multi-Regional Forecasting-Green (MMRF-Green) model. MMRF-Green is a multi-regional, multi-sectoral model of the Australian economy. It is founded on the MMR model. MMR is a comparative-static model. MMRF-Green, in contrast, is a dynamic model; capable of producing sequences of annual solutions connected by dynamic relationships. MMRF-Green also includes enhanced capabilities for environmental analysis, and a regional disaggregation facility that allows results for the eight states/territories to be disaggregated down to 57 sub-state regions.

JEL classification: C68, R10, R13.

Keywords: multiregional, CGE, environmental, dynamics

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