Checking the new GEMPACK Licence

Sometimes you have installed a brand new GEMPACK licence (LICEN.GEM) in your GEMPACK directory (usually C:\GP) but ViewSOL, ViewHAR and TABmate keep showing the old licence details.

This problem may occur when you have updated your GEMPACK licence after licence renewal or when you have installed a new version of GEMPACK. However, when you run the Windows programs ViewHAR, ViewSOL or TABmate, you may see these programs still show the old GEMPACK licence details.

The reason for this is that ViewSOL, ViewHAR and TABmate do not check the licence every time they run.

To fix this problem, in the main menu of the Windows program (TABmate,ViewHAR etc) , select

Help | GEMPACK licence

This will check the GEMPACK licence immediately and the Windows program should now show the recent GEMPACK licence details.

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