CPU Times for Individual Formulas, Submatrices, Backsolves and Updates

Reporting CPU times is different for TABLO-generated programs and GEMSIM. See the separate sections below.

In both cases, CPU times will only be reported during step 1 unless you have the statement

eaa = yes ; ! Echo all activity, including on other passes

in which case the relevant CPU times will be reported in all steps.

TABLO-generated Programs

When you run TABLO (not the TABLO-generated program), begin with the responses


followed by the other options or a Carriage-return.

Then when you compile and link the TABLO-generated program, the TABLO-generated progam will report CPU times for individual formulas, submatrices, backsolves and updates provided you put the statement cpu = yes ; in your Command file.

Actually this will only report CPU times for some submatrices. However it will report CPU times for any submatrices likely to take significant amounts of CPU. If you have Release 8.0 or later of GEMPACK, you can see CPU times for ALL submatrices if, in addition to the above, you put the statement debug options = 64 ; in your Command file.


You can request CPU times for formulas, submatrices or updates by putting appropriate statements into the Command file you use to run GEMSIM. Always include the statement cpu = yes ;

There are separate "debug" numbers for formulas, submatrices and updates. These are:
     63 (formulas),
     64 (submatrices)
     66 (updates).
At present GEMSIM cannot report CPU times for backsolves. To report all three lots of CPU times, put the statement
debug options = 63 64 66 ;
in your Command file. Omit the relevant number if you do not want CPU times for the corresponding category (eg, 63 for formulas) to be reported. For example, put
debug options = 63 66 ;
in your Command file if you want CPU times for just formulas and updates.

When you include 64 amongst the debug options, GEMSIM for Release 8.0 or later will report CPU times for all submatrices. However GEMSIM from earlier Releases will only report CPU times for certain submatrices (including all those likely to take significant amounts of CPU).

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