TABLO-generated Program (or GEMSIM) Cannot Open Existing or New File

If the program is not able to open a new file, it may be because an existing version of this file is open in another application (for example, a spreadsheet program or word processor). Check this and close the file in that application before rerunning the TABLO-generated program.

FILES statement

Note that this change is only necessary for GEMPACK Release 7.0 or earlier, and then only if you are using the old Fortran compiler F77L3. It is not necessary for Release 8.0 (or later) of GEMPACK.

TABLO-generated programs and GEMSIM often need to open a large number of files.
To facilitate this, you need to add statements in your CONFIG.SYS or CONFIG.NT file.
If you are running Windows NT, the relevant file is CONFIG.NT which is usually found in directory C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
If you are runing Windows 95, 98 or 3.1, the relevant file is CONFIG.SYS which is usually found in directory C:\
You need to add a line


to that file. [If there is already such a line with a smaller value, edit the line to increase the number to 70.]

Note that these files CONFIG.NT and CONFIG.SYS are text files.

You probably need to reboot your computer before changes to CONFIG.SYS or CONFIG.NT take effect.

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