Initialising Data in TABLO-generated Programs and GEMSIM

When I display the values of a matrix produced by a TABLO-generated program or GEMSIM, why are there values I did not put there? I expected zeros.

If you assign all values to a matrix or array, the values shown (via Display or Write statements) should be exactly as you assigned.

However, if you assign only some values to a matrix or array, what happens depends on the Release of GEMPACK you are running.

Release 8.0 or later

If you are running Release 8.0 or later of GEMPACK, by default all values of all Coefficients are initialized equal to zero. So any positions you do not assign values to should have the value zero. You can change this default (details here).

Release 7.0 or earlier

If you are running Release 7.0 or earlier of GEMPACK, you cannot tell what values will be put in the parts of the matrix or array for which you did not specify values. [TABLO-generated programs and GEMSIM do not fill all matrices and arrays with zeros before you assign values. You must do that yourself if that is what you want. For more details, see section 6.7 of the Release 7.0 version of GPD-3.]

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