GEMPACK-L Mailing List

GEMPACK-L is a mailing list designed to let GEMPACK users communicate amongst themselves, sharing information, tips, etc.

The GEMPACK developers occasionally make announcements on it (new releases, bugs, courses, etc). The list is moderated to prevent spam.

We encourage all GEMPACK users to subscribe to it. Once you have subscribed, you can send mail messages to all others on the list, and you will receive as mail any messages sent to the list.

1. To subscribe (or unsubscribe) to GEMPACK-L

2. To send mail to all other subscribers on the list, send your mail to the address The list is moderated to keep out spam so there will usually be some delay until your post reaches the list.

3. To read mail sent to GEMPACK-L, you should be able to use your usual mail utility to read GEMPACK-L mail and to send messages to it.