LTG Bug Fix for LF90 Compiler and Source-Code Release 8.0

The fix here only applies to the Lahey LF90 compiler and the Release 8.0 Source-Code CDs dated October 2002.

Do not apply this fix to the Source Code if you are using the Fujitsu/Lahey LF95 compiler or Release 7.0 or earlier.

The Problem

When you are using the LF90 Fortran Compiler and LTG.BAT to compile and link your TABLO-generated program, after compilation, many files with suffixes .MOD and .LIB are left in your directory. If you wish to remove these files, the fix below should solve the problem.

Applying the Fix

1. Download the file LTG90FIX.ZIP (71K) and put it into the directory in which your GEMPACK is installed (usually, C:\GP).

2. unzip the file LTG90FIX.ZIP into your GEMPACK directory, overwriting the current files GPTASK.EXE and LTG.BAT.

If you have any problems applying or using this fix, please contact the suppliers of the code.

If you also want to remove the .FOR files from your directory, copy the file LTGNOFOR.BAT onto the file LTG.BAT. For example, in a DOS box, change to your GEMPACK directory usually C:\GP, and issue the command: