Memory Limit for GEMPACK

Under 32-bit Windows, a single program cannot access more that 2 GB (ie, about 2,000 megabytes) of memory (RAM). So, upgrading from 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM is unlikely to let you solve much bigger models -- although your PC will run better, and we'd recommend 4GB RAM, especially for Vista.

Under 64-bit Windows, it is possible for one program to access more than 2 GB of memory, though not with the Lahey Fortran compilers that we support. From Release 10 of GEMPACK, we support the 64-bit Intel compiler, allowing a GEMPACK program to access more than 2 GB of memory.

Under Unix, it may be possible to access more memory. This would depend on the operating system and the version of Fortran in use.

Condensing your model (see here) can reduce the memory requirements.

GEMSIM and TABLO-generated programs provide detailed information about the amount of memory required to solve a model.

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