MODHAR Says There is Not Enough Data on a Text File

The GEMPACK manual contains full details about the syntax required in GEMPACK text data files.

  1. When you put the values of a matrix (or higher dimensional array) onto a GEMPACK text file (to be read by MODHAR), each new row must start on a new line.
    For example, if you have a matrix with 2 rows and 3 columns (making 6 entries in all), do not put all 6 numbers on one line of the text file. Put the first 3 (row 1) on one line and the next 3 (row 2) on the next line.
    [If you did put all 6 values on one line, MODHAR would only read the first 3 and then say that the next 3 are missing.]
    Actually what is said in the paragraph above applies to row order or to spreadsheet order text files.
    For column order files, each new column must start on a new line.
    See this section of the GEMPACK manual for more information about "row order", "spreadsheet order" and "column order".
  2. In row order and column order files, there is a limit of 500 characters on any one line (more details).

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