RunDynam in Batch Mode. Checking for Errors

I was running RunDynam in batch mode. An error occurred but I didn't see a dialog box telling me about the error. Why not?

When running in batch mode, no dialog boxes

When running in batch mode, RunDynam should never put up a dialog box telling you about errors or success. This is because a batch file for RunDynam may contain several different tasks. If a dialog box (where you have to click "OK") were to be shown, RunDynam would not go on to the following tasks until you have clicked OK. But you might be running several tasks overnight so are not at your machine to see the dialog box. Then you would arrive in the morning and see that only some of the batch job tasks had been completed.

Then how do I know whether the tasks ran ok or had errors?

Because dialog boxes cannot be used, there needs to be a different way of telling you about errors or success when running in batch mode. This different way is the so-called Batch Jobs Log File. After each task in a batch job, RunDynam adds an entry to the Batch Jobs Log File which tells you the task run, when the task was run, and whether or not the task ran ok. If an error occurred, there is a brief description of the error.

Always look at Batch Jobs Log File when job is finished

Whenever you run RunDynam in batch mode, you should always consult the Batch Jobs Log File after the batch job has finished. You do that via the menu item View Batch Jobs Log File which you will find under the Run Preferences menu.

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