Accessing Separate Solution Files when Doing SSA

How can I access the separate Solution files produced when doing SSA?

When you use RunGEM or RunGTAP to do systematic sensitivity analysis (SSA) with respect to parameters or shocks, the model is solved several times. There is a separate Solution file produced each time.

Normally these separate Solution files are deleted after each solve and you are not able to access them.

If you wish to access these separate Solution files, you can do so by double clicking on the "Which quadrature to use?" form when you are choosing between Stroud and Liu quadratures. To be precise, double click on that form just below the form caption (which says "Which quadrature to use?") and just above the choice box (which is headed with the caption "Which quadrature?").

You will know that you have clicked in the correct place when you see a dialog box asking "Keep separate SSA Solution files?". [If you don't see this you have not double clicked in the expected place.]

Click OK and follow the prompts which ask you to specify the name and location of the separate Solution files to be saved.

When the SSA calculations are finished, you should be able to find the separate Solution files. The names of these Solution files are as you specified above with 1,2,3 and so on added at the end corresponding to the different solves - for example, SSA1.SL4, SSA2.SL4 and so on.

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