Variation in Endogenous Values Between Passes

If your simulation is a highly non-linear one, you may see warnings of the following kind.

%%WARNING. Variation in endogenous values between this
and the previous pass may indicate nonconvergence of the solutions.
Sum of absolute values of the endogenous variables on pass 2 is 23456.0,
while this sum was 78432.1 on the previous pass.

This message indicates a significant difference in the size of the endogenous results from one pass to the next one.

However, this does not mean that your simulation is not converging satisfactorily. Convergence is indicated best by the Extrapolation Accuracy Summary or, if in doubt, by the results on the Extrapolation Accuracy file (.XAC).

When you receive messages about variation between passes, you should check this Extrapolation information carefully. If in doubt, perhaps increase the number of steps used in solving the model.

This topic is covered here.

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