Setting the Default Directories

After Running TABLO, the TG-program is not Found by WinGEM. Why?

There are several problems similar to this which can occur when you work with WinGEM.

This sort of problem arises if the Default directories are not set properly.

If you want to work with a TAB file (say MODEL.TAB), you should usually set both default directories to be the directory in which MODEL.TAB is found. You do this via

File | Change both default directories...

(in the File menu) in WinGEM's main menu. When you do this, make sure that the desired directory name appears in blue before you click OK.

Suppose that you open a TABLO window (via Simulation | TABLO Implement), and then click on Select in that TABLO window to select MODEL.TAB. If you find that you need to change directory in order to find MODEL.TAB, you have not set the default directory correctly.

The remedy is to close this TABLO window, and to return to WinGEM's main menu and select the correct directory via

File | Change both default directories...

Then open a TABLO window and click on Select. This time all should be well.

The moral is:
If you find (in a WinGEM window - eg a TABLO window or a GEMSIM window) that you need to change directory to find the desired file (TAB file, Command file, etc), close the window, set the default directories and try again.

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