Shock File Bug Fix (Release 9.0)

This bug occurs only if you use more than one shock file in a simulation.

The Problem

The problem occurs when you are running a simulation with GEMSIM, a TABLO-generated program or SAGEM. The program stops saying:

[ %% There is no file connected to unit ....]
[Unit is SHUN ]

(E-No file connected to unit)

Bug Fix for Release 9.0 (April 2005) of Source-code GEMPACK

This bug is fixed in Release 9.0-002 (November 2005) of GEMPACK so you don't need to download the fix if you have that or a later version of GEMPACK.

To install this fix on a Windows PC, proceed as follows.

1. Download the file CMCHSH2.ZIP (30K) and put it into the INCLUDES subdirectory of the directory in which your GEMPACK is installed (usually, C:\GP\INCLUDES).

2. Go to a DOS box and change into this INCLUDES subdirectory.

3. Issue the following commands.

del cmchsh2.for
..\unzip32 -o -C cmchsh2 *.for
..\zip includes cmchsh2.for
cd ..\subs
replib cm
cd ..
mkmain sagem

This will make new versions of GEMSIM.EXE and SAGEM.EXE.

You need to rerun LTG (compile and link) on all relevant TABLO-generated programs after you install the fix.

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