SLTOHT Spreadsheet Table Bug Fix (Release 9.0)

The Problem

This bug occurs only if you have a Spreadsheet Mapping file with two or more variables on one line and if the Solution file you are reading has subtotals results.

See section 9.4 of GPD-4 for details about putting two or more variables, separated by a colon, on one line of a Spreadsheet Mapping file in order to output a table of results.

As an example of the bug, run SLTOHT on the Solution file produced by the standard MOSAGEM.CMF example (see section 10.2.1 of GPD-3), specify option SS when running SLTOHT, select the cumulative solution and use a Spreadsheet Mapping file which contains the single line

   p_INTFAC : p_PFAC

The results produced by Release 9.0 (or Release 9.0-002) SLTOHT will be incorrect.

The same problem occurs with Solution files containing subtotals produced by GEMSIM or TABLO-generated programs.

Indeed, if you have any Solution file containing subtotals and any line in your Spreadsheet Mapping file containing two or more variables separated by colons, we are sorry to report that it is highly likely that the Release 9.0 (or Release 9.0-002) version of SLTOHT will produce incorrect results.

The bugs occur if you use such a Spreadsheet Mapping file with SLTOHT options SS, SSS or SSE. [The remark in section 9.4 of GPD-4 which says that tables cannot be produced if you select option SSE is incorrect. Such tables can be produced with option SSE.]

We are also sorry to report that this bug was in earlier versions of GEMPACK (including Releases 7.0 and 8.0).

Bug Fix for Release 9.0 (April 2005) or Release 9.0-002 (November 2005) of Source-code GEMPACK

This bug is fixed in Release 9.0-003 (August 2006) of GEMPACK so you don't need to download the fix if you have that or a later version of GEMPACK.

The version of SLTOHT available from our web site has this bug fixed.

If you have Source-Code GEMPACK Release 9.0 or Release 9.0-002 on a Windows PC, you can proceed as follows to install the fix.

1. Download the file SLTOHT.ZIP (100K) and put it into the directory in which your GEMPACK is installed (usually, C:\GP).

2. Go to a DOS box and change into this directory.

3. Issue the following commands.

   .\unzip32 -o -C sltoht sltoht.for
   .\zip gpmn sltoht.for
   mkmain sltoht

This will make a new version of SLTOHT.EXE. This is Version 5.5 (August 2006) of SLTOHT whereas SLTOHT in Release 9.0 was Version 5.4 (February 2005).

Please contact GEMPACK Support if you have problems making this bug fix, or if you are uncertain as to whether or not you need to make this fix.

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