Introduction to GEMPACK for GAMS Users

If you are an experienced GAMS user and wish to start using GEMPACK, we suggest that you begin by downloading the document

"Introduction to GEMPACK for GAMS Users"
by Michael Kohlhaas and Ken Pearson GAMSGP.PDF (130K)

This document introduces GEMPACK to readers who are familiar with GAMS. The document points out similarities and differences between GAMS and GEMPACK. The many similarities make it relatively easy for a GAMS modeler to begin using GEMPACK productively.

A very basic general equilibrium model is used to illustrate the similarities and differences. The document contains detailed instructions for running this model in GEMPACK using the free Demonstration Version.

You can download the model files: save as GAMSGP.ZIP (20K)

You can download the Demonstration Version of GEMPACK and use it on your Windows PC to run the model, following instructions in the paper above.

MPSGE Models

If you prefer to write down your models using Tom Rutherford's MPSGE language, there is a program MGE2GP which translates these models and lets you solve them using GEMPACK.

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