GEMPACK Manual Archive

last updated 3 Mar 2016

The latest version of the consolidated GEMPACK manual may be viewed online here. Please note that this a work in progress.

The manual consists of one very large web page, gpmanual.htm, which may be slow to view over the internet. To avoid that problem, installation of GEMPACK automatically places gpmanual.htm into the GEMPACK folder of your own PC. ViewHAR, TABmate and other GEMPACK windows programs will link directly to gpmanual.htm if it is located in your GEMPACK folder.

This HTML manual is more convenient to search through than the previous paper help documents. A PDF version is also installed with GEMPACK.

The Contents and Index sections should help you find the information you need. Also, you can use your browser's text search function (menu: Edit...Find) to search for a string. You can middle-click (or right-click) to open a link in another tab.

If you want a local copy of the manual without installing GEMPACK, or wish to have a manual more recent than your GEMPACK install, you can download a package from this page which installs gpmanual.htm onto your own PC. The manual is contained within a single self-extracting EXE. Download and run the appropriate version below to install it into your GEMPACK folder (normally C:\GP).

Download Description
gpmanual.exe latest version: updated 3 Mar 2016
gpmanual-3mar16.exe Released with GEMPACK 11.4, Mar 2016.
gpmanual-6jan15.exe Released with GEMPACK 11.3, Jan 2015.
gpmanual-5may14.exe Released with GEMPACK 11.3, May 2014.
gpmanual-2jun13.exe Released with GEMPACK 11.2, May 2013.
gpmanual-14may12.exe Released with GEMPACK 11.1, May 2012.
gpmanual-10oct11.exe Released with GEMPACK 11.0, October 2011.

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