GEMPACK installation much older than licence

Some GEMPACK users have a GEMPACK licence which is far more up-to-date than the GEMPACK programs which they are actually using. Those users are not reaping the full benefit of their GEMPACK licence.

Comparing the Release no. of your GEMPACK licence to that of your GEMPACK programs

From ViewHAR, select Help ... GEMPACK licence.
you should see a screen like that below:

Licence information

The screen above tells us that:

A screen like that below:

Licence information

tells us that:

If the TABLO.EXE comes from a GEMPACK release earlier than the licence, your GEMPACK installation is older than is entitled by the licence. In that case, you are missing out on these benefits:

Cause and remedy

Usually, GEMPACK users whose licence is much newer than their GEMPACK programs have a site or organization licence which is renewed annually -- entitling them to the latest GEMPACK updates. The GEMPACK team will annually contact a site representative, sending a new licence and instructions for updating GEMPACK. Users at that site:
(a) must install the new licence with a later expiry date; and
(b) may install an updated release of GEMPACK.

Step (a) is necessary if you want to continue using GEMPACK. The need for step (b) is less urgent -- and maybe you think "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". However, if you always skip step (b), your GEMPACK programs will over time become outdated. Contact your site representative (maybe in the IT or procurement section) for instructions on how to install an updated GEMPACK.

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