Systematic Sensitivity

Note that Systematic Sensitivity Analysis can now be done much more easily using the current version of RunGEM or of RunGTAP.

The Systematic Sensitivity Analysis information below refers to an earlier, DOS-based way of doing sensitivity analysis which was described in GTAP Technical Paper number 3.

Although the DOS-based methodology for carrying out systematic sensitivity analysis described in GTAP Technical Paper number 3 has been superseded by the automated methods implemented under RunGEM and RunGTAP, the discussion there about systematic sensitivity analysis and the desirability of doing it routinely are still relevant today.

GTAP Technical Paper Number 3:

"How to Carry Out Systematic Sensitivity Analysis via Gaussian Quadrature and GEMPACK"
by C. Arndt and K. Pearson (GTAP Technical Paper number 3, April 1998)

describes how to carry out systematic sensitivity analysis with any model solved using GEMPACK.

You can download a PDF version (200K) of this paper.

Systematic Sensitivity Files Distributed with GTAP Technical Paper Number 3

The files here were distributed for use with GTAP Technical Paper number 3.

As indicated above, the DOS-based methodology described in GTAP Technical Paper number 3 for doing systematic sensitivity analysis is now superseded by the automation under RunGEM and RunGTAP.

We continue to make these files available only for historical completeness.

SSA procedures [save this as file SSA.ZIP] (6K)

SSA programs part 1 [save this as file SSAP1.ZIP] (630K)

SSA programs part 2 [save this as file SSAP2.ZIP] (730K)

SSA programs part 3 [save this as file SSAP3.ZIP] (610K)

[Put the file LF90.EER in SSAP1.ZIP in any directory on your DOS path.]

SSA examples [save this as file SSA-EX.ZIP] (80K)

Section 7 of the above Technical Paper has details about these files. Section 2 contains illustrative examples.

The source code for the programs is available for use with a source-code version of either Release 5.1 or Release 5.2 of GEMPACK (see section 7 of the Technical Paper).

Release 5.1 SSA source [save this as file SSA-51.ZIP] (30K)

Release 5.2 SSA source [save this as file SSA-52.ZIP] (30K)