Running TRQ Simulations Under RunGTAP

This explains how you can run tariff-rate quota (TRQ) simulations under RunGTAP.

The idea is to add the TRQ module equations etc to whatever GTAP.TAB file you have under your RunGTAP. You should start with the latest version of the TRQ TAB files.

Then prepare data files. Then set things up for a new version under RunGTAP. Then carry out experiments.

You need a Source-Code Version of GEMPACK to do this. [If you have an Unlimited Executable-Image Version of GEMPACK, you can do much the same. Ask Ken Pearson for details.]

Download ADD-TRQ.ZIP and unzip the file ADD-TRQ.TXT which contains instructions for doing this.

You can also download TRQ6X4V6.ZIP which contains GTAP Version 6 data files based on the Version 5 data files supplied with GTAP Technical paper number 18. These files are referred to in ADD-TRQ.TXT.