Pascal Routines for manipulating HAR files

This page gives access to various Object Pascal routines for reading, writing, and manipulating the HAR (header array) files used by GEMPACK. You would need access to, and familiarity with, the Borland Delphi compiler to use these. They might be useful for processing data or result files used in the GEMPACK system.

The routines can be compiled using any of Delphi versions 3 to 6 to produce either Windows or command-line programs. They could also be used [with tiny modifications] with the Borland Kylix compiler (for Intel-based Linux systems). They could be adapted to other flavours of Pascal. A skilled programmer could use them to produce DLLs or OCXs which could be called by Fortran or C++ or even Excel programs.

The routines are provided as a free service, but are not "supported". You will have to figure out on your own how to use them.

The routines are used by ViewHAR and ViewSOL to process HAR files. They have been drawn from code libraries in use in December 2006. The "official" GEMPACK routines for processing HAR files (described here) are written in Fortran and may or may not be compatible with these routines.

After you have read the Conditions of Use below, you can download a zip archive containing more than 8000 lines of codes in the following program libraries:

In addition 4 example command line programs are included (as both DPR source and EXE):

Apart from a short file, HINTS.TXT, the 4 example programs are your ONLY guidance in how to use the library routines.



If you agree to the conditions of use listed above, you may download the zip archive HARLIB.ZIP and unzip it into an empty folder.

Python tools for accessing HAR files

The HARPY GitHub project provides Python routines for reading and writing HAR files.

This page last updated 6/July/2017.