Laptops for CoPS CGE Courses

For most CoPS CGE Courses, participants need to bring their own laptop computer. Most Windows laptops will be adequate. Special requirements are:

Hardware - required

Hardware - recommended

Software - required

Usually you must install needed software before travelling to the course. More details here.

Be aware that GEMPACK is most heavily tested on PCs using Australian or USA versions of Windows. Occasionally problems arise with Asian versions of Windows. Some anti-virus programs may cause problems. Installing software before the course is a good way to test if your laptop is compatible with GEMPACK.

Australian/New Zealand electrical plugs/sockets

Australian plugs have two or three flat pins, as shown below:

Australian plug

Supply is 240 volts, 50Hz. Similar plugs are used in New Zealand and mainland China.

European electrical plugs/sockets

European plugs often have two round pins, as shown below:

European plug

Supply is 230 volts, 50Hz.

Other countries electrical plugs/sockets

are described on this webpage.

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