TASTE: Tariff Analytical and Simulation Tool for Economists

IFPRI logo GTAP logo The first version of TASTE has been developed with the support of the GTAP consortium.
The current version benefits from the support of the International Food Policy Research Institute.


Uses of TASTE

The TASTE program (downloadable below) addresses two needs of GTAP users:

TASTE comes with a huge database of bilateral trade flows and of applied and bound tariff rates distinguishing around 200 countries and 5000 HS6 goods. This data, based on a number of sources, has been carefully massaged and crafted by David Laborde. The trade flows are consistent with Version 7 of the GTAP database. The data has been compressed to fit on a normal CD.

The current version of TASTE uses 2004 MAcMapHS6v2 data, and is designed to accompany the version 7 GTAP database.

The TASTE program itself reads the enormous MAcMapHS6 database and performs various operations, in particular:

You can download the program from here. Start by downloading and printing the instructions -- you can study them during the long download.

Download instructions

By downloading files listed below you will signal your assent to the the following:

In downloading or using the TASTE data and programs I agree not to sell or redistribute either the original TASTE data and programs, or any products derived from those data and programs.

If you do not agree to the above, please leave this page now.

Note: If you are downloading a revised version, you may be able to avoid downloading again the second, very large, file (ie, skip all of steps 1 and 3 below). Check these file dates to see if the longer download is really needed:

Steps to follow

First make sure you have at least 7GB free on your hard disk.

  1. Create a new folder C:\TASTE (or similar short and simple name).
  2. Download and unzip the file TASTE.zip into C:\TASTE. This download will be quick.
  3. If necessary, download the file records.7z into C:\TASTE. The download will take a long time. Then open a DOS box (console) in C:\TASTE and enter the command: UNPACK.BAT
    After several minutes the compressed archive records.7z will be unpacked to create file records.dat, size 3.65GB.
  4. To run the program, enter: TASTE

Further instructions will be found in TASTE.doc.

If you have trouble downloading the large records.7z file, a download manager like GetRight might help.

Note:You can download the older TASTE-for-GTAP-version-6 program and data from here.