The USAGE Model

USAGE is a 500 industry dynamic computable general equilibrium model of the US economy being developed at the Centre of Policy Studies in collaboration with the US International Trade Commission.

USAGE is designed for four modes of analysis:

Also in common with MONASH, USAGE is equipped with add-on (or tops-down) programs that generate results for:

At this stage we have completed historical and decomposition simulations for 1992 to 1998, see G-143 and G-144. We have also created the regional add-on program, see G-145 and G-146. The regional add-on was featured in the US International Trade Commission's report on The Economic Effects of Significant U.S. Import Restraints, June 2004 (Publication 3701).

Technical documentation USAGE Model

Document 1. Employment by Occupation and Industry, 2004 and 2014 PDF download.

Document 2. Labor-market extension for the study of illegal immigration, PDF download.

Document 3. Validating a detailed, dynamic CGE model of the U.S., PDF download.

Document 4. The economic costs of U.S. stock mispricing, PDF download.

For a letter from the White house concerning USAGE work performed by Dr Ashley Winston of CoPS (outposted to the USITC) see PDF download.

Inquiries about consultancies using USAGE should be addressed to Professor Peter Dixon and Professor Maureen Rimmer.

The map below illustrates some results from a USAGE simulation: it shows the effect on employment by state of removing import tariffs.

map of USA