Visitors to CoPS

Rayan Wolf Rayan Wolf: November 2019 - October 2020
From: Federal University of Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Interests: Public policies; labour qualification; CGE modelling
Tiago Diniz Tiago Diniz: May-October 2017
From: ESALQ, USP, Piracicaba, Brazil
Interests: CGE Modelling of electricity supply
Francois Stoffenberg Francois Stoffenberg: May 2017
From: University of Pretoria
Interests: Multiregional CGE Modelling, government finance
3 Chinese visitors May 2017
Professor Xuejin Zuo and Associate Professor Xin Yang
from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Dr. Meifeng Wang from Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Interests: CGE Modelling
Julian Richards and Chris Rasmussen Julian Richards and Chris Rasmussen: April 2017
From: Office of Trade and Economic Analysis, Washington DC
Interests: CGE Modelling
Jonathan da Silva Jonathan da Silva: June 2013-January 2014
From: ESALQ, USP, Piracicaba, Brazil
Interests: Multiregional CGE Modelling, LUC/emissions
Maria Gesualdo Maria Gesualdo: January 2013-January 2014
From: IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy
Interests: Multiregional CGE Modelling
Jan van Heerden Jan van Heerden: Jan-Feb 2013
From: University of Pretoria, South Africa
Interests: CGE modelling
Terciane Sabadini Carvalho Terciane Sabadini Carvalho: May 2012-May 2013
From: Federal University of Minas Gerais/ Cedeplar - Brazil
Interests: Regional Recursive Dynamic CGE Modelling
Antti Simola Antti Simola: July - September 2011
From: Government Institute for Economic Research (VATT), Finland
Also: PhD student, University of Helsinki
Interests: Regional CGE Modelling, Primary industries, Climate change policies
Shenghao Feng Shenghao Feng: March - July 2011
From: Australian National University
Interests: China, Climate Change, Soccer
Wen Chen Wen Chen: Jan 2011-Jan 2012
From: Hunan University, China
Interests: Environmental CGE modelling
Heder Carlos de Oliveira Heder Carlos de Oliveira: Jan-Dec 2010
From: Federal University of Minas Gerais/Cedeplar - Brazil
Interests: Regional CGE modelling
Kasia Zawalinska Dr Katarzyna Zawalinska: Oct-Dec 2009
From: Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Polish Academy of Sciences
Interests: Regional CGE modelling
Donald Sigrist Donald Sigrist: July 2009 - Oct 2009
From: Centre for Energy Economics and Policy (CEPE),
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).
Interests:Swiss Environmental/Energy Policy
Delin Huang Delin Huang: July 2009 - April 2010
From: Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Beijing.
Interests: CGE Modelling
Michael Feil Michael Feil: March 2009 - April 2009
From: Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany
Interests: Modelling labour markets and labour market policies
Csilla Lakatos Csilla Lakatos: April 2009 - May 2009
From: GTAP Centre, Purdue University, USA
Interests: Modelling foreign direct investment in CGE
Youngchul Shin Professor Youngchul Shin: January 2008 - December 2008
From: Daejin University, Korea
Interests: CGE Modelling, Environment and Energy
Kasia and Hannu Dr Katarzyna Zawalinska: November 2008
From: Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Polish Academy of Sciences
Professor Hannu Törmä: November 2008
From: Ruralia Institute (Seinäjoki), University of Helsinki
Interests: Regional CGE modelling
Terrie Walmsley Terrie Walmsley: Aug 2008 - Aug 2009
From: GTAP Centre, Purdue University
Interests: Modelling international trade and migration
SIC visitors Zhao Kun, Zhang Yaxiong, Li Jifeng: May 2008
From: State Information Centre, Beijing
Interests: CGE simulation of urban-rural migration
José A. Scaramucci José A. Scaramucci: July 2007 - Jan 2008
From: Interdisciplinary Center for Energy Planning (NIPE), State University of Campinas (Unicamp), São Paulo State.
Interests: Bio-fuels, CGE modelling
Taiwan visitors Dr. Chunto Tso, Ms. Chihwei Wang and Mr. Hau Ju: March 2007
From: Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
Interests: CGE modelling
the team from Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung Wawan Hermawan, Prof. Armida Alisjahbana,
Pipit Pitriyan, and Dr Kodrat Wibowo:
June 2006
From: Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung
Interests: Regional CGE modelling
Juha Honkatukia Juha Honkatukia: March 2006
From: Finnish Government Institute for Economic Research (VATT)
Interests: Regional CGE Modelling, Trade policy, environment
Pekka Sulamaa Pekka Sulamaa: March 2006
From: Finnish Government Institute for Economic Research (VATT)
Interests: Regional CGE Modelling, Trade policy, environment
Seogwoong Moon Professor Seogwoong Moon: January 2005
From: Kyungsung University, Busan, Korea
Interests: CGE Modelling, Industrial Ecology
Mingtai Fan Mingtai Fan: October - November 2004
From: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Interests: CGE modelling
Ronglin Li Ronglin Li: October - November 2004
From: Nankai University, China
Interests: CGE modelling
Zhaoyang Zheng Zhaoyang Zheng: October - November 2004
From: Nankai University, China
Interests: CGE modelling
Janine Jensen Janine Jensen: June 2004 - June 2005
From: Trinity College, Ireland
Interests: CGE modelling
Professor Chu Yugang: July - December 2004
From: The Institute of Economics, Hubei Academy of Social Sciences, China
Interests: Microeconomics
Andi Alfian Andi Alfian: Feb - April 2004
From: University of Indonesia
Interests: CGE modelling
Kyungsoon Choi Kyungsoon Choi: Jan - April 2004
From: National Statistical Office, Korea
Interests: Capital stock; multifactor productivity
Shuji Kasajima Shuji Kasajima: July 2003 - September 2003
From: Hokkai Gakuen University, Sapporo, Japan
Interests: International trade and investment, CGE modelling of the Asian economies
Tom Rutherford Tom Rutherford: July 2003 - June 2004
From: University of Colorado, USA
Interests: International trade, economic growth, CGE modelling
Alain Liennard Laurent Cretegny: July 2003 - June 2004
From: Department of Economics, Lausanne, Switzerland
Interests: CGE modelling, mountaineering
VJ Kanapathi Vijayakumari [VJ] Kanapathy: June - August 2003
From: Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Malaysia
Interests: CGE modelling of the Malaysian economy
Alain Liennard Alain Liennard: March 2003
From: CIRAD, Montpellier, France
Interests: Economy of small Pacific islands, diesel engines, CGE modelling
Michael Kohlhaas Michael Kohlhaas: November 2001 - June 2002
From: German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Berlin, Germany
Interests: Dynamic and Environmental CGE modelling
Joaquim Bento Joaquim Bento [Joaquim Souza Ferreira Filho]: January - December 2002
From: Escola Superor de Agricultural Luiz de Queiroz,
Universidade de São Paulo, Piracicaba, Brazil
Interests: Regional and Agricultural Economics, CGE modelling

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