Windows 2000 or XP Problems

I am using Windows 2000 or Windows XP. What should I do about various obscure problems?

Problem Installing Source-Code GEMPACK under Windows XP using F77L3

The fortran compiler F77L3/EM-32 does not work under Windows XP. So it is not possible to install Source-code GEMPACK using this compiler under Windows XP. [However, F77L3 does work under Windows 2000.]

Problems with the TMP Environment Variable

The introduction of Windows 2000 and XP caused various small problems.

Often a simple answer to several of these problems is to set your TMP Environment variable to something extremely short and simple; eg C:\TEMP or similar.

You can right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties | Advanced | Environment Variables"
and then edit the User Environment variable called TMP to be C:\TEMP.
Create a new folder C:\TEMP if you do not already have one.

The 3 problems this change should fix are outlined below:

  1. Source-Code GEMPACK - Lahey compiler problems
    If you have a Source code version of GEMPACK and you are having trouble when using the Lahey Fortran compiler (either LF90 or LF95) to build your GEMPACK libraries or programs. Or you may be having trouble compiling and linking a TABLO-generated program. The trouble is that the standard TMP directory under Windows 2000 or XP is something like
    c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\TEMP
    and the Lahey compiler cannot handle spaces or hyphens in this name.

  2. Various GEMPACK Windows programs (eg TABmate) may have problems if your TMP directory name is too long or contains non-English characters.
    [For example, they may have problems checking the GEMPACK licence or problems opening files.]

  3. If you are using relatively recent versions of the GEMPACK Windows programs, that is,
    (i) versions of ViewSOL or TABmate dated 2001 or later,
    (ii) versions of AnalyseGE, RunGEM and RunDynam/RunMONASH dated 2002 or later,
    and you are having problems with them (for example, they do not open the files you expect) with them, you may need to set the Environment variables GPTEMP and GPKEEP to something simple. This may be especially so if you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Problems writing files to some directories

If you are the only user on your computer, there is no need to have any type of File Sharing in Windows.
To turn off "Simple File Sharing", start "My Computer" and select
Tools | Folder Options | View
Remove the tick from the box "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)".
(While you are there, remove the tick against "Hide extensions to known file types" since in GEMPACK you often need to know the file extension eg .SL4 or .HAR.)
Then click on OK.

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