Intertemporal Models via GEMPACK

By Intertemporal models we mean, multi-period CGE models in which results are computed simultaneously for all periods. In contrast, for recursive-dynamic models, results are computed one-period-at-a-time.

1. Intertemporal models CRTS, 5SECT and TREES are supplied with GEMPACK. These models, which were created by Peter Wilcoxen, are documented in chapter 5 of

P.B. Dixon, B.R. Parmenter, A.A. Powell and P.J.Wilcoxen,
Notes and Problems in Applied General Equilibrium Economics,
North-holland, Amsterdam, 1992.

2. ORANI-INT is an intertemporal version of the ORANI model with rational expectations. It is fully documented in the book

Michael Malakellis,
Integrated Macro-Micro-Modelling Under Rational Expectations : With an Application to Tariff Reform in Australia,
[in the series Contributions to Economics]
Physica-Verlag, 2000.

You can download the TABLO Input files and data files for this model.

With these files you can replicate the applications in chapters 6 and 7 of the above book.

3. Ronald Wendner (Department of Economics, University of Graz, Austria) has used an intertemporal model to analyse CO2 reduction policy and the old-age pension scheme in Austria. These studies are documented in the book

Ronald Wendner,
CO2-Reduktions-politik und Pensionssicherung: Hintergrunde, Modellierung and Simulationen,
Germany, Physica-Verlag, 1997.

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