RunDynam - for Recursive Dynamic Models

By recursive-dynamic models we mean, multi-period CGE models in which results are computed one-period-at-a-time. In contrast, for fully intertemporal models, results are computed simultaneously for all periods.

RunDynam is a Windows interface which provides an environment specially tailored for carrying out forecasts and policy deviations with recursive dynamic models. It is used to solve MONASH, MMRF, Dynamic GTAP, and other recursive dynamic models.

Feature Summary
Purchasing RunDynam
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Similar Products, such as RunMonash
Free Demonstration Version of RunDynam

Feature Summary

RunDynam allows to you to construct a base case (which may be a forecast) and policy deviations from the base case with a model which has been implemented using GEMPACK. The model is solved on a year-to-year basis (that is, recursively) over a number of years, starting from initial data. For each subsequent year, the starting data is the updated data produced by the previous simulation.

You first solve the base case, then carry out the policy deviation. You can choose any group of input data files for the model; these are the starting points for your base case. You specify closures and shocks on text files, using the syntax required in GEMPACK Command files. You can choose names for the output files from the base case and policy runs. You can choose among several methods to solve the model. You can view the results of the base case or policy deviation on the screen, or export them to other programs. RunDynam can produce graphs of selected variables over time. You can view or copy either the initial model data base or any of the updated data files produced during the base case or policy deviation.

Storing and exchanging Simulation Details

The full specification of a multi-year simulation is necessarily complex, as different closures and shocks will be used for different years. RunDynam offers a way to conveniently and compactly store in one file all the ingredients needed to recreate a dynamic simulation. You can archive or recover these simulation details, or send them to other RunDynam users. This ability to share simulations with others is one of RunDynam's most useful features.

Purchasing RunDynam

The RunDynam software is available to organisations wishing to use it to run either their own models or models supplied by others. There are two versions: a single-user Limited version which will not solve models above a certain size (eg, 10x10 GTAP or 39-sector ORANI-G); and a site licence which will work with models of any size. It is possible to combine the unlimited-size site licence with an annual subscription to source-code GEMPACK. This gives 3 options:

Prices are shown here.

Upgrading RunDynam

RunDynam software has evolved quite rapidly in recent years. You may be wondering if you to need to upgrade your copy, particularly if you plan to exchange simulations with other RunDynam users. This page may assist your decision. Upgrade prices are shown here.

Similar Products, such as RunMonash

RunDynam has been packaged or "branded" in various ways over the years. For example it has been distributed as "RunMonash", "GDyn" (Dynamic GTAP), or under other names. A modern version of the standard RunDynam will substitute for any of these variants (exception: ABARE versions RunGTEM and RunAusTEM had some unique features).

Free Demonstration Version of RunDynam

You can download the latest version of RunDynam here. It comes with a time-limited, size-limited licence.

You can try running a sample RunDynam simulation. Instructions for doing so may be found here.

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