Download RunDynam

From this page you can download the latest version [3.82, February 2020] of RunDynam.

The download may be used by:

Download and save the file rundynam-install-382.exe. Then run that file to install the product. If you are not allowed to download EXE files then download this ZIP file instead, remember to extract the install program when the download has finished.

Purchasers: You should have received (a zip of) your licence by email. After installing RunDynam, please rename the (unzipped) file to licen.rdn and place it in your RunDynam folder.

RunDynam licences: Versions 3.52 and later require a licence file. Details of your licence are displayed on the front page of RunDynam. The licence file contains a truncated version number such as 3.7 or 3.8. A 3.7 licence allows you to run any version of RunDynam up to 3.79, but is not valid for version 3.80 or above (unless you have an expiring licence). The Help..About menu item tells which version of RunDynam you are running.

If you already have Rundynam installed in C:\RunDynam: you should be careful about installing the above download in C\:RunDynam (which would overwrite existing files). Before installing the new RunDynam, rename your existing RunDynam folder to, say, C:\RunDynam37. Then install the newer RunDynam in C:\RunDynam. If you had an expiring Rundynam licence file (licen.rdn) in the old RunDynam folder, you can use that licence: just copy C:\RunDynam37\licen.rdn into C:\RunDynam.

Email if you have any trouble.

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