Some GEMPACK licences require activation

Since mid 2018 some GEMPACK and RunDynam licences require to be "activated" in order to continue using TABLO, GEMSIM, or RunDynam on your PC.

  1. Limited-size, Introductory and 'Course' licences (handed out at a training course) do not require activation. Nor do licences that expire before December 2018.
  2. At the final stage of installation, you will be asked if you wish to activate your licence on the PC you are using. However, you could choose to run the activation program (GPactivate.exe) later (perhaps after installing the correct licence file). You can go on using a licence which has not been activated for a 'grace period' of 30 days.
  3. The activation program will ask for your name, city and email address. It then sends you an email containing a 12-letter code, which you enter (or paste) into the activation program. If all is well, the licence will be permanently activated on that PC. You cannot use the same activation code on another PC -- you need to go through the whole activation process for each PC that you install GEMPACK on.
  4. For a given PC and licence, activation is permanent, and does not need to be repeated. But you may need to activate again if you install an upgraded version of GEMPACK or RunDynam, or dramatically change your PC hardware.
  5. There is a generous limit on the number of times per year each licence can be activated. You can activate an individual licence on several PCs -- the limit is greater for site licences. If you exceed the limit you can email GEMPACK sales to ask for the limit to be increased.
  6. Normally, the activation program requires an internet connection. If none is available, it is possible to activate offline -- but you would need to email GEMPACK sales. Once activated, no internet connection is needed.

View more detailed instructions here.

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