Send enquiries to the GEMPACK Business Manager (Louise Pinchen) at

If you are a new GEMPACK customer, we recommend that you check with us first about the version of GEMPACK you intend to order.

Please specify if you want to pay by credit card, or by electronic funds transfer -- we will email you the appropriate form to fill out.

If you want to pay by credit card, you need to pay in $AUD. It's a requirement imposed by Victoria University. Sorry! We accept $US electronic funds transfer.

Once we have processed your payment, we will email instructions to you, telling how to download and install the software and documentation.

Contact Details for GEMPACK Sales

Ms Louise Pinchen
GEMPACK Business Manager
Centre for Policy Studies
Victoria University
PO Box 14428
Melbourne, Victoria, 8001


Phone (within Australia) (03) 9919 1877 : (overseas) + 613 9919 1877

Software support enquiries should be directed to GEMPACK Support.

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