Different Versions of GEMPACK

The three different versions of GEMPACK all allow you to use and modify existing models or to build new models. They all come with full GEMPACK documentation in digital (HTM and PDF) form. The main difference between the three versions is the size of the models they can handle.

The Limited Executable-Image Version can only handle small or medium-sized models, such as single-country models with less than 40 sectors or multi-regional models with up to 9 or 10 regions and sectors. Those wishing to find out more about GEMPACK may download a 6-month free trial of this version. Both individual and site licences are available. Universities can obtain a free permanent licence.

The Unlimited Executable-Image Version can handle models of any size. You are limited only by the amount of memory on your computer. Only site licences are available.

Read more about Executable-Image Versions and licences.

The Source-Code Version can also handle models of any size, but it solves large models much more quickly than the Unlimited Executable-Image Version. Also, you can re-distribute your model to others. A Fortran compiler is required.

Read more about Source Code Version and licence, or Differences between Unlimited Exe-image and Source-code GEMPACK, or Using Exe-image and Source-code GEMPACK together.

The Introductory GEMPACK licence lets you run models created by others (but not create your own model).

See this Tabular summary of features of different GEMPACK Versions. Or read about prices and ordering.

Individual and Site Licences

Each Individual or Single-user licence covers one or several PCs used by one person.
A site licence covers a group of modellers: for details see here.

Which Version is Most Appropriate for My Needs?


The Limited Executable-Image Version is ideal for use in teaching, including in a computer laboratory. We use the Limited Executable-Image in some of our annual courses.

Beginning Modeller

The Limited Executable-Image Version is a good starting point. If your models become too large you can upgrade to the Unlimited Executable-Image Version or to the Source-Code Version later.

Academic or PhD Student Building Your Own Model

Either the Unlimited Executable-Image Version or the Source-Code Version is what you will probably need.

Policy Analysis

For government departments, research institutes, private sector organisations or academics using large models, the Source-Code Version is most appropriate.

Working with the GTAP Model

If you are interested in GEMPACK in order to work with the GTAP model, click here for advice on which version of GEMPACK is appropriate for your needs.

Ordering GEMPACK

Once you have decided which version of GEMPACK you need, please contact GEMPACK sales.


RunDynam is a Windows interface to help run forecasts and policy deviations with recursive dynamic models such as MMRF, MONASH-USA and Dynamic GTAP. It is not included in the above GEMPACK versions. More details here.

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