Executable-Image Versions of GEMPACK

Executable-Image Versions of GEMPACK are designed for X86 PCs running Windows. No Fortran compiler is required. All simulations are carried out with the GEMPACK program GEMSIM. Both versions come with documentation in digital (HTM and PDF) form.

Limited Executable-Image Version and Licence

This version of GEMPACK includes all the most commonly-used GEMPACK programs. It can handle medium-sized models and can carry out a full range of modelling tasks.

With this version and licence, the size of models that can be solved is limited to what we call "medium-sized" models. For example, this version is able to solve most single-country models with up to about 40 sectors (for example, it will solve 37-sector ORANI-G or 26-sector MONASH) and this version will solve 12-region, 12-commodity GTAP; but it will not solve 50-sector MONASH or ORANI-G or 15-region, 15-commodity GTAP. Read more about the size limits here.

Either individual or site licences are available for the Limited Executable-Image Version. Prices are shown here. Universities can obtain a free site licence for this product (details here ).

You can download this version for 6 months free trial from here.

Unlimited Executable-Image Version and Licence

This is the same as the Limited Executable-Image Version except that the size of models which can be solved is unlimited (or, more precisely, limited only by the amount of memory available on your PC). With large models (for example, 115 sector MONASH or 15-region,15-commodity GTAP), GEMSIM is noticeably slower than the corresponding TABLO-generated program (which can only be created with a Source-code Version).

Either individual or site licences are available for the Unlimited Executable-Image Version. Prices are shown here.


You can order either Executable-Image Version of GEMPACK by contacting the GEMPACK Business Manager.

32-bit and 64-bit

The standard versions of both Limited and Unlimited Executable-Image GEMPACK are a set of 32-bit Windows programs -- which however run just as well (or better) on 64-bit Windows. Under 32-bit Windows, each program can use up to 2 GB of RAM, or several programs can together access up to 3.5GB. Under 64-bit Windows, each 32-bit program can use up to 4 GB of RAM, or several programs can access all installed RAM (more details).

For huge models, GEMSIM may require more than 4GB of RAM. For this very unusual case we have made available 64-bit versions of TABLO.EXE and GEMSIM.EXE (more details).

Executable-Image GEMPACK on the Mac

While designed for Windows, Executable-Image GEMPACK has been successfully used on Mac PCs (more details).

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