The latest version of the consolidated GEMPACK manual, prepared for GEMPACK Release 12, may be viewed online here. Please note that this a work in progress.

The manual consists of one very large web page, gpmanual.htm, which may be slow to view over the internet. However, when you install GEMPACK a local copy is created. ViewHAR, TABmate and other GEMPACK windows programs will link directly to the local gpmanual.htm (in your GEMPACK folder).

This HTML manual is more convenient to search through than the previous paper help documents. A PDF version is also available.

The Contents and Index sections should help you find the information you need. Also, you can use your browser's text search function (menu: Edit...Find) to search for a string. You can middle-click (or right-click) to open a link in another tab.

Previous GEMPACK documentation was contained in a number of separate manuals called GPD-1 to GPD-9. Now these documents have been revised and consolidated into this single manual.

Each section or subsection has a "topic ID" which appears in green at the end of section headings. Usually, the topic IDs refer to previous GEMPACK documentation. For example, to search for section 3.11 of GPD-2 [ZERODIVIDE], you could use your browser's Edit..Find command to search through the entire document for "gpd2.3.11".

Previous versions of the manual may be downloaded from here.

Helpfiles for GEMPACK Windows programs

Helpfiles for some GEMPACK Windows programs are now mirrored online.

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