GEMPACK Documentation for Releases 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0

The following five basic manuals apply equally to GEMPACK Releases 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0:

Download GPD-1 "An Introduction to GEMPACK", sixth edition, October 2002, 1.2MB, ~210 pages.

Download GPD-2 "TABLO Reference", fourth edition, October 2002, 1.2MB, ~200 pages.

Download GPD-3 "Simulation Reference: GEMSIM, TABLO-generated Programs and SAGEM", second edition, October 2002, 2.0MB, ~270 pages.

Download GPD-4 "Useful GEMPACK Programs", second edition, October 2002, 860KB, ~150 pages.

Download GPD-8 "Getting Started with GEMPACK: Hands-on Examples", third edition, October 2002, 622KB, ~120 pages.

New features for Releases 9.0 and 10.0 are described in:

Download GPD-5 "Release 9 of GEMPACK: New Features and Changes from Release 8.0", first edition, April 2005, 920KB, ~120 pages.

Download GPD-9 "Release 10 of GEMPACK: New Features and Changes from Release 9.0", first edition, May 2008, 675KB, 73 pages.

The GEMPACK installation instructions have changed more frequently; the (Release 10) versions are:

Download GPD-6 "Installing and Using the Source-code Version of GEMPACK on Windows PCs with Lahey or Intel Fortran", 13th edition, May 2008, 351KB, 44 pages.

Download GPD-7 "Installing and Using the Executable-image Version of GEMPACK on Windows PCs", 10th edition, May 2008, 155KB, 23 pages.

Or, Download (5.1MB), a zip file containing all the Release 10 manuals listed above (GPD-1..9).

The PDF files above contain clickable links, which assist on-screen document navigation. You can click on any entry in the table of contents to jump to that section. Or you can click a section reference in the body of the text to jump there.

Previous versions of the documentation

The original Release 9.0 manuals are in, a zip file containing GPD1.pdf, GPD2.pdf, ..., GPD8.pdf.

The above-mentioned "clickable links" were added to the Release 9.0 manuals in April 2007. The revised versions are in The manuals were otherwise unchanged, except for some very minor differences in pagination.

You can also download the documentation for the earlier Release 7.0 of GEMPACK or Release 6.0 of GEMPACK.

Older versions of documents GPD-6 and GPD-7, relating to the installation and use of GEMPACK on Windows PCs, may be downloaded here.


You can also view or download papers about GEMPACK, including some technical papers which supplement the GEMPACK documentation.

To print or view PDF documents, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it already, use this free download.

Correction to GPD-5 (Release 9.0), only for older printings prior to August 2006.

There is an error in section 2.3.1 of the April 2005 version of GPD-5. The part of that section headed

Code Accessing Pre- and Post-Simulation Values of Coefficients

was not as intended. [This part of section 2.3.1 is on pages 2-16 and 2-17.]

The table near the end of this section showing "Postsim Code which could be added to GTAP.TAB" was incorrect (it repeated the earlier table in section 2.3.1) and the discussion was less than ideal.

You can download a corrected version of this part of section 2.3.1.

You can also download (save as ADD-DECOMP3.TAB) a complete TAB file of which the Postsim Code shown in the corrected part of GPD-5 is a part. If ADD-DECOMP3.TAB is added to the bottom of GTAP61.TAB (as distributed with Release 9 of GEMPACK), it produces the same DECOMP results as does the separate DECOMP.TAB (also as distributed with Release 9 of GEMPACK).