Download the Limited Executable-Image Version of GEMPACK

From this page you can download the Limited Executable-Image Version of GEMPACK Release 12.1 (December 2019, latest update 12.1.004 includes fixes made February 2020) for PCs running Windows. This release includes new features and some bug fixes made since Release 12.0 (September 2018). It includes all the main GEMPACK programs and can carry out a full range of modelling tasks. There is however a model size limitation: this version can only solve medium-sized models. All simulations are carried out with the GEMPACK program GEMSIM -- no Fortran compiler is required.

Free Trial

This free download comes with a temporary licence lasting 6 months from the download date -- long enough to experiment or to complete a class assignment. After 6 months the licence will expire -- to go on creating or editing CGE models, you would need to purchase a licence. However, viewing programs such as ViewHAR and ViewSOL will continue to work, as they do not require a GEMPACK licence for much of their functionality.

Download and installation

If you are going to attend a laptop-based training course please follow the simplified "QuickInst" instructions available here. Otherwise, please follow these steps:

Getting started

The download includes the most recent GEMPACK manual (in both HTM and PDF formats). Chapter 1 of the manual directs new users to introductory material, and experienced users to a list of new features.

If you are an experienced GAMS user, you can take advantage of your GAMS skills to get a head start with GEMPACK.

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