Conditions on the use and supply of GEMPACK software (20 May 2022)

New GEMPACK license conditions were introduced in May 2022.

At install time, GEMPACK users must agree to the complete license conditions listed here.

By copying, installing, or otherwise using the software, you agree to be bound by those terms. If you do not agree to those terms, do not copy, install, or use the software.

For convenience, a less legalistic summary of the key conditions appears below.


  1. Acknowledgment of GEMPACK must be made when results that have been obtained with GEMPACK are reported. Please cite: Horridge, Jerie, Mustakinov & Schiffmann (2018), GEMPACK Manual, ISBN 978-1-921654-34-3
  2. Most GEMPACK components may be distributed or shared, or made available via a Web interface or publicly accessible network. However, licensees must not distribute or allow remote access to their GEMPACK or RunDynam licenses, or to the TABLO and GEMSIM programs, or to the Fortran source files that come with the Source-Code Version of GEMPACK. Those files may be used only within the organisation (or by the person) to whom the software is supplied, and may not be copied for use by other organisations or persons.
  3. A single-user license entitles the named user to install and use the software on an unlimited number of computers provided that he or she is the only individual using the software.
  4. For commercial customers, a site license covers up to 4 named users, with additional named users each costing 25% of the site license price. All users must be company employees located in the same country unless by special arrangement.
  5. For non-commercial customers, a site license entitles the licensee organisation to unlimited use by any number of employees or members of that organisation at the main premises of the organisation, at employees' homes, or on short work trips. Separate departments of large organisations must obtain separate licenses. Small teams who work together from different locations may share a site license only by special arrangement.
  6. Educational licenses are available to individuals or groups at universities or other accredited degree-granting institutions. An education customer may use the software for instruction, teaching and non-commercial research, but may not use the software for commercial purposes (including contract research purposes) unless the customer obtains written permission. Usually such permission is granted where the fees or compensation do not exceed US$20,000 per annum. Customers who are heavily engaged in commercial and/or contract research are expected to purchase a Commercial license.

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