Distributing your Source-Code GEMPACK model to others

Within certain limits, the Source-Code Version of GEMPACK allows you to create and distribute a model to be run by other people (who might not have GEMPACK).

A GEMPACK user with a Source-Code licence can create executable images of TABLO-generated programs to solve the models they build or modify. These TABLO-generated EXE files can be distributed (with data files) to other users (who might not have a GEMPACK licence) so that they can carry out simulations with the model.

The other users could freely download the free trial Limited Executable-Image Version of GEMPACK, which includes RunGEM, a Windows interface which makes it easy to carry out simulations with a model.

Some limitations are:

Please remember also that while many GEMPACK components may be freely distributed, others may not. In particular, you must not give to others, or make publicly accessible on a network:

Giving away such files would be a breach of the conditions of your own GEMPACK licence.

It is simple to test whether other GEMPACK-related files can be redistributed without a GEMPACK licence. Temporarily rename your GEMPACK licence file, and attempt to run locally the programs you hope to share. If you can run the programs without a licence, so can others.

Making GEMPACK and TABLO-generated programs available via the Web

You may construct a Web interface that allows users to run any TABLO-generated program and most GEMPACK programs remotely. For example, GEMPACK components and TABLO-generated EXE files could be used to manipulate data or to perform smaller simulations (as defined here).

However, the limitations mentioned above still apply. That is, the remote user may not run TABLO, GEMSIM, or in general any program that requires a GEMPACK licence. Exceptions to this rule may be made only by special arrangement.

Can I distribute a GEMSIM-based model?

Users of the Executable-Image version of GEMPACK are not able to create model-specific EXE files. Instead they run TABLO to create from, e.g., MODEL.TAB, files called MODEL.GSS and MODEL.GST. Then they run the model using GEMSIM (which uses the GSS/GST files).

You could send the GSS/GST files to someone else. However, those files would only be useful if the other person was using exactly the same version of GEMSIM as you have. That might be hard to check or ensure. Better to send them the TAB file, and let them generate GSS/GST files themselves.

Potential 'missing DLL' problem

EXE files produced by GEMPACK 11.4 (or later) and the Intel compiler need to have access to a file called libiomp5md.dll. Normally access is guaranteed, since this file comes with both GEMPACK 11.4 and Intel Fortran. However, if you use GEMPACK 11.4 (or later) with Intel Fortran and intend to distribute TABLO-generated EXE files (for example, in RunDynam archives or in RunGTAP version zips) to other people who might not have installed Intel Fortran or GEMPACK 11.4, you should be aware of the missing DLL problem.

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