Introductory GEMPACK Licence

This is the cheapest type of GEMPACK licence -- designed to allow people to run (but not modify) a model distributed by someone else. It is a site licence.

A GEMPACK user with a Source-Code licence can create executable images of TABLO-generated programs to solve the models they build or modify. These TABLO-generated EXE files can be distributed to other users (who might not have a GEMPACK licence) so that they can carry out simulations with the model. [A person using this TABLO-generated program can change the pre-simulation data, closure and shocks, but cannot change the model equations in any way.]

The other users will require an Introductory (or better) licence to run the model if it is larger than medium sized (that is, exceeds the size of models which can be handled with a Limited Executable-image Version of GEMPACK). Thus, for example, a RunGTAP user with the TABLO-generated program for the GTAP model will not require a licence to solve a 12-region, 12-commodity version of GTAP but would require an Introductory (or better) licence to use the same program to solve most (or all) simulations with a 20-region, 30-commodity version of GTAP.

Some of the recent features of the GEMPACK Windows programs (including ViewHAR, ViewSOL and RunGEM) also require an Introductory (or better) GEMPACK licence.

You do not need an Introductory licence if you have any other GEMPACK licence, for example a Source-Code or an Executable-image licence. That other licence also lets you run TABLO-generated EXE files created by others, of any model size. A Limited-Size Executable-Image licence is available free to universities.

The cost of an Introductory GEMPACK licence is shown here; to order one, contact the GEMPACK Business Manager.

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