Source-Code Versions of GEMPACK and Associated Licences

The Source-Code Version includes the full Fortran source code for the GEMPACK programs and library of subroutines. The size of the economic models that can be handled is limited only by the amount of memory on your PC. A suitable Fortran compiler is required.

Advantages of the Source-Code Version include:


Standard price list

Price details for a new (multi-user) Source-Code licence

Price details for upgrading an existing (multi-user) Source-Code licence.

Contact GEMPACK for further information.

Working with the GTAP Model

If you are interested in GEMPACK in order to work with the GTAP model, click here for advice on which version of GEMPACK is appropriate for your needs.

GEMPACK on other operating systems

The Source-Code Version of GEMPACK can, with important limitations, be used on non-Windows operating systems (read more).

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